Still from Oslo – Paul Herzberg shaking a man's hand
Paul Herzberg portrait

About Paul Herzberg

Award-winning screenwriter and playwright, actor and voice-over artist.

Paul trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and has been active in 3 disciplines over a career spanning 40 years. He has performed in productions of plays, films and radio dramas that he has written (BBC, Royal Exchange, Centaur Montreal and Park Theatres).

In July, 2022, Paul completed filming a major role in the international feature, The Teacher, written by the Oscar-nominated and BAFTA award-winning director, Farah Nabulsi. Read more about The Teacher (IMDB) and Silo (IMDB).

In 2020, Paul won the ‘best performance’ Award at the Apple Arcade Community Awards for his voice work as General Yurkovoi in Little Orpheus (One Voice Award Nomination); and in 2022 The One Voice Award for best Male Performance in a UK commercial. The Moth, a commissioned monologue for Elysium Theatre Company, broadcast on YouTube, was selected for Black History Month, for 24 international film festivals (see below) and recently won The Best Monologue Award at the Kwanzaa Film Festival, Harlem, NYC.


Recent work as an actor includes The Teacher, Silo, Eastenders, Black Earth Rising, the award-winning The Honourable Woman and the stage hit Oslo, which transferred from the National Theatre to the Pinter. Paul performed in his play The Dead Wait at The Royal Exchange (and Park), which won Best Actor and nominations for Best Play and Production in the Manchester Evening News Awards.

Paul Herzberg on stage with a man in the background
Paul Herzberg pointing at a young man

Voice Over

Combining work through agents and with a well-equipped home studio, Paul has worked as a voice-over artist since the 80s. Recently his focus has been on video games and ads. Paul won the 2022 One Voice Award, (Best male UK performance in a commercial), and ‘best performance’ Award in 2021 at the Apple Arcade Community Awards for General Yurkovoi in Little Orpheus (also OVA nomination), as well as The Nyx, Hermes and Telly Gold awards for medical narration. He also is the taciturn British robot Smokefinger in Warframe. Ads currently running on UK, European and American TV are for E-Toro, BMW and Butter Royale. Paul was the voice of the Numan ads on British TV and radio for several years.


His screenplay for Ecosse, “Anna’s Story”, won a place on the  2018 Brit List. He co-wrote and starred in Almost Heaven, which won the Nashville Film Festival Best Feature Award. The Moth, a commissioned monologue for Elysium Theatre Company, broadcast on YouTube, was chosen for Black History Month and 24 international film festivals. It has been adapted for the stage and will be produced by Elysium Theatre Company in early 2024.

Watch The Moth: